Five Pawns E-Juice


chess-56261_1920The company known as “Five Pawns E-Juice” is known all around for their complex liquids. This company has a sophisticated side with flavors that explode in your mouth. They offer their customers five complex flavors, along with five flavors that are more traditional. They offer flavors that are sweet, sour, savory, bitter, and salty. What I like so much about this company is they make everything by hand. They also DO NOT mix their batches in big loads, instead they use small batches. When a batch is mixed in a big load, the flavors become weak!

Five Pawns offers two different types of series, which are the Signature Series and the Mixology Edition.

The Signature Series includes: Grandmaster, Gambit, Queenside, Absolute Pin, and Bowden’s Mate.

The Five Pawns Mixology edition includes: Castle Long, Lucena, Sixty-Four, Fifth Rank, and Perpetual Check.

The best website to shop for Five Pawns E-Liquids is eJuice Farm where you'll find detailed information about each flavor.

The Five Signature Series:

Banana21If you’re a fan of peanut butter, banana, and caramel then the Grandmaster is the flavor for you. This type of e-liquid offers the customers a peanut butter taste when they first inhale the e-liquids, but the notes offer a more banana and caramel taste. This perfect blend of layers is my all-time favorite flavor from Five Pawns, let’s just say I am a big fan of desserts.

sweet-438774_1920Gambit offers customers more of a caramel flavor, almost as if you are smelling a caramel apple topped with sweet whipped cream. When you first inhale this e-liquid right away you taste a sweet delicious apple, then comes along the creamy flavor with a hint of caramel.

4226295167_c8dcd84253_zThe flavor known as Queenside is more unique, this e-liquid offers the customers more of an orange cream sickle taste. The orange is a little bitter with the inhale but with the notes you will start to taste cream and vanilla.
If you’re a fan of minty chocolate with a hint of vanilla then the Bowden’s Mate is for you. This e-liquid offers their customers a sweet treat, with is mind blowing taste and delicious smell.
Absolute Pin is known to give if a caramel taste when it is inhaled but the notes give a taste of cinnamon and licorice during the exhale.